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What is the difference between a DevOps engineer and a SRE?

DevOps Engineer and Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) are two roles in the software development and operations field that share some similarities but also have distinct differences. Here’s a brief comparison: Role and Responsibilities Skill Set Goal

Introduce Local Extension

Refactoring is a crucial aspect of writing and maintaining clean, efficient code. One of the techniques used in refactoring is the ‘Introduce Local Extension’ method. This article will delve into what this technique is, when it’s used, and provide practical… Read More »Introduce Local Extension

Replace Exception with Error Code

“Replace Exception with Error Code” is a refactoring technique where a method that throws an exception is replaced with a method that returns an error code. This technique is typically used when the cost of exception handling is high, or when the exceptions are used for control flow, which is generally considered a bad practice.
In this post, we learn when to apply this refactoring and its pros and cons.

Apache Commons Configurations: An Introduction

Managing configurations in a Java application can be quite a challenging task, particularly when you’re dealing with a large codebase or complex system architecture. Fortunately, the Apache Commons Configuration library simplifies this process, providing a way to handle configurations from various sources in a unified manner.

This article will explore how to use the Apache Commons Configuration library to manage configurations in a Java application.